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Venue: Hawthorn School for Girls
101 Scarsdale Road, Toronto, On M3B 2R2

Cost: $100/Person or $150/Couple

Join us for a Toronto Business Forum lead by Alexandre Havard, Founder of the Virtuous Leadership System and the Virtuous Leadership Institute, on Saturday November 25, at 7:00PM at the Hawthorn School for Girls (101 Scarsdale Road, Toronto, On M3B 2R2). Tickets are $100/Person or $150/Couple. Come listen to find out the secret of great leaders.


Alexandre Havard is the founder of the Virtuous Leadership System. He was born and raised in Paris and has a law degree from a leading law school (Paris Descartes University). He worked as a lawyer in Europe for many years before discovering his mission to ignite hearts for greatness and raise up a new generation of Virtuous Leaders.


He is the founder and director of the Virtuous Leadership Institute which has offices in all five continents. prolific writer with titles such as "Virtuous Leadership", "Created for Greatness", "From Temperament to Character", "Free Hearts", "Coached by Joan of Arc", and "Discovering a Mission". Several of these have been translated into many languages.


The agenda for the evening will be as follow:

7:00 PM - Mix and Greet

7:30 PM - Address and Q&A

9:00 PM - Book Signing

The Power of Humility
The Power of Humility
Nov 25, 2023, 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Hawthorn School for Girls,
101 Scarsdale Rd, North York, ON M3B 2R2, Canada

Open to Virtues At Work Core Course graduates and moderators at no charge

Join us for a mix and greet on August 20th 2023. Come listen to speakers and participate in our Q and A on leadership through moral formation.


We are delighted to have Xavier Palou flying in to be our guest speaker. 


After completing his studies at the prestigious Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris, Xavier worked in marketing and communication positions at Air France, IPSOS and other big companies in France.


At the age of 38 years, he started teaching part-time in several universities and schools. Later on, with other entrepreneurs who shared the idea of the importance of the formation of virtues, he founded an innovative business school called EMD; 


EMD School of business has set a lofty goal for itself: to train future managers whilst surrounding its teaching with an ethical vision of humankind and human engagement. Openness to the world, the respect which all people deserve, and an awareness that work must be done responsibly in the service of others are all values cultivated at EMD. Thanks to a teaching style which focuses on developing the whole person, EMD contributes to companies’ growth and to the good of society.  


Xavier, will explain to us how, EMD managed to setup this school and how we can also contribute to the formation of the virtues of our employees and partners as a key to success.


This is an event only for those who have completed the Virtues@Work core program, the moderators and team associated with Virtues@Work.

Want More Events?

The Virtues at Work team is currently thinking up a variety of fun and engaging events. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with us through one of the methods below with your event ideas and suggestions. 

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