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Core Course

The Course consists of 6 cases.  Each case is run approximately once every 3 weeks under the leadership and guidance of a Virtues@Work trained moderator. 


Each case has a smaller team meeting with a Virtues@Work team leader at a convenient date and place for the team, followed by the general meeting with the moderator at the scheduled date and place.



Case 1

The group arrives and is assigned to a particular team and given the cases.  The case method is explained and the case is read and discussed by each team.  The overall approach and methodology is also explained in detail.  This is followed by a Master Class, with the moderator to look at the problems/opportunities and potential solutions, for case 1.  The moderator wraps up the case at the end of this first session, highlighting the key virtues of the case and how they can be lived better at one’s workplace.  


Cases 2-6

Each team meets sometime before the date for Case 2 - 6 at a convenient place and date for the group with a Virtues@Work team leader.  The teams gets together each month with a Virtues@Work moderator for a Master Class.



Practically learn how to live different virtues at work and by extension to family life and life in general.

Wonderful opportunity to network with peers who are all interested in becoming more virtuous and also making their businesses places men and women desire to work at.    


Important Dates

​The cases, and their dates, that will included in this course are as follows:

  • WED FEB 07 - Advertising & The Consumer

  • WED FEB 28 - Purpose of a Business

  • WED MAR 20 - Are “McJobs” Good Jobs?

  • WED APR 10 - Impact of technology on work & people

  • WED MAY 01 - Work, rest, & priorities

  • WED MAY 22 - Questionable payments & fairness in negotiations

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