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Developing Personal Virtues at Work


Do C-Suite bios ever mention Virtues let alone happiness? 

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Why are Virtues important?

“What is the right thing to do?” This may be a question you ask yourself daily, whether in
your personal life or your workplace. You know that doing the right thing, big or small, will
lead you to a better self, a better reputation, a better organization, and a better society overall.
But the right thing is not always clear or easy, and often you feel you don’t have time to look
for advice or find it hard to come by.

What is Virtues at Work?

Virtues@Work was established as a forum for business leaders like yourself
to discuss and develop effective ways of acting virtuously and leading corporations and
individuals to grow in line with the principles of human dignity and the common good. It is a
unique opportunity to exchange and gain experience on ethical issues surrounding our work.

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